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Our exclusive Emotional Freedom Tapping workshop trains you on how to stimulate the energy pathways and the wording tells our system what we are working on, thereby balancing the resulting energy disturbances as the cause of all the negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

The mind projects its internal world outwards, giving rise to the daily experiences that we live. Heal The Mind workshops take you inside the subconscious mind to a journey from fear to wisdom, freeing the mind and changing perception, paving the way for miracles to manifest in our lives.

Teenage Workshops offer the possibility of transforming the lives of children away from negative interpretations, reactions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts presenting an opportunity to use their creative power and internal compass from a space of clarity and learning and relate to the world from the consciousness of love.

The Angelic kingdom being an extension of the Godhead do the attunements through the divine vibration of the reiki symbols integrated into the energy bodies of the recipient. Thus, opening doorways, raising your frequency and releasing the locks placed in the consciousness of humanity, letting you experience your reality from the perspective of oneness.