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Bio Neuro Emotion

Bio neuro emotion is a new method that has integrated different scientific, philosophical and humanist disciplines, to help you understand the origin of your emotional conflicts and improve your wellbeing. It originates from Spain, and Enric Corbera is the founder. The method has gained popularity worldwide and is now taught, in various universities and medical schools in Latin America. It disassociates itself from the field of physical health and relates to wellbeing, as a more generic and holistic concept. It is an effective method that requires very little time to get to the emotional root cause of an issue or physical symptom, helping to bring unconscious information to awareness and fostering a change in perception. BNE will help you see things in a new light, by allowing you to perceive a given situation without judging, positioning yourself and labelling it as good or bad. Thus, allowing you to step out of old patterns and become more emotionally rational in the actions and decisions you take. It seeks to foster emotional adulthood, teaching people how to take full responsibility for their behaviour, empowering them to step out of victimhood by making coherent choices. It is a philosophy and a way of (perceiving) life. BNE is for everybody, but not everybody is for BNE, precisely because it means making a commitment, taking on an attitude and having an intention: being prepared to be the one to change.