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Heal The Mind Workshop

Each thought is the cause that gives rise to the experiences we have. The aim is to align your thoughts with the truth of the Creator. Restore the mind to its fullness by releasing it from the imprisonment of illusions.

What is Heal the Mind workshop?

It is a learning device that reawakens your awareness and brings out the inner strength in releasing you from your false sense of isolation, deprivation, lack and error. The four workshops act like a catalyst breaking up erroneous understanding and restructuring it properly. It works with a single aim to bring sudden shifts in the energy and transcend the body to heal.

How does the workshop work?

Workshop 1 – A journey from Fear to Wisdom.

Our mind can create, by its being, it is creative. This mind projects its inner world outwards, giving rise to the daily experiences that we live. Thus, the origin of each occurrence comes from the mind and thoughts in the subconscious. Know first the fear, fear arises from lack of love. The only remedy is perfect love. Whenever there is fear, it is because you have not made up your mind. The need for a solution will keep you fearful. However, as soon as you accept it, you have abolished the fear. It is how true healing happens.

Workshop 2 – Inside the Subconscious mind 

When we get caught up in the idea that life is responsible for everything that happens to us, we end up looking for solutions in the wrong place. This approach ends in more victimhood and dissatisfaction. Every time we position ourselves in the role of victim or perpetrator, we weaken. It is because we are holding thoughts that take away our energy and lead us to mental exhaustion. Subconscious is the hard drive that contains all our memories, habits, beliefs, characteristics, self-image and controls autonomic bodily functions. The conscious mind can reprogram the subconscious and change behaviour be it physical, mental or metaphysical. Thus, opening the mind for positive changes, breaking core beliefs and empowering people to create new realities.

Workshop 3 – Forgiveness as a means to free the mind

Learning to apply forgiveness as a means of liberation leads us to let go of victimhood and to place ourselves in peace. Forgiveness is a powerful technique that allows us to free the mind from the idea that conflict and problems are the only options to relate to the world. It takes us on the path of deep learning that invites us to look at life situations as an opportunity to learn from, instead of regretting it. It shows us those bottom beliefs that define us as limited beings or victims of suffering, which we continue to value that are then creating the experiences that we do not understand. To suffer is an option but not a law to which we owe loyalty and devotion. For this reason, when the motivation to free ourselves is active in our life path, the healing of the mind appears without anything stopping it, placing us in absolute peace.

Workshop 4 – A change of Perception 

It is the way for miracles to manifest in our lives. For this, it is essential to look at our negative interpretations, reactions, patterns and thoughts as an opportunity to heal and not as an enemy. Ignoring this aspect leads us to experience resistance when letting go and consciously creating unwanted situations. The possibility of transforming our lives is an option that belongs to us by our divine right to be happy. When we reject this ability, we subconsciously plunge down the path of incorrect understanding. This misuse of our creative power evokes us to decide wrong repeatedly. We become conscious that we have lost our internal compass as we have focused on a meaningless search in the hearts of others. The tendency to accumulate these errors positions us along a path of obstacles, and it becomes difficult for us to look at it in another way as the unknown scares us. Besides, the awareness that we have overlooked its origin, which fundamentally resides in what we are thinking and valuing can be overwhelming. However, learning to look within and understand the reason for our choices opens the doors to decision making. This deep will to be free pushes us towards an experience that shows us a way to change our mind and to be willing to renounce those negative thoughts and emotions that direct our life. From this space of clarity and learning, we can relate to the world from the consciousness of love.


These workshops work as an eye-opener and are an invitation to know the truth of yourself. It is your birthright. It takes you deep within your subconscious to face your fears showing you the illusionary thoughts that cause pain and suffering in your life. Clear out all that holds you back from reaching your highest potential, guiding and elevating you to live from the wisdom of the soul away from the fear of the mind. It gives a powerful insight into the self-limiting beliefs stacked in your cellular memory governing your present-day life. It helps you remove and cancel the negative patterns taking you back to your true essence of love. It is truly life-changing and allows you to relate to the world from the knowledge of liberating your body and mind through forgiveness. It lets your perceptions to ground into the absolute truth gaining, a full recognition of the power of thought to avoid miscreation. Thus, you undo the past in the present and hence release the future.

Requirements for the Workshop:

Each of the four workshops is a full-day workshop conducted at spaced timings every second Friday and last Friday of each month following the above chronological order. However, a client can choose a single, multiple or all workshops depending on their individual need. The Introductory manuals for each of the workshops detail the learnings. The process of cleansing, followed by safeguarding and protecting the energy field. A deep release meditation, in-depth study on the chosen topic, interactive discussion along with practical application sequences with varied examples spread over the entire day as well as take-home exercises for deeper awareness and understanding. All four workshops are a learning device for perception correction and an enlightening experience opening many closed faculties of the brain to new ways of thinking.

Who should do it?

It is a must-do for each person as you may still complain about fear but persist in making yourself fearful. Readiness to do so is the beginning of confidence that transformation is inevitable. If you are looking to resolve misunderstandings, break cycles of abuse, dysfunction, abundance blocks or how to deal positively with severe illness and death and uncover reasons for physical and emotional suffering these workshops can provide you with all the answers that you are seeking. It aids you to understand the bigger picture of your life situations, allows you to take steps towards healing, and gain insight into your personal and professional conflicts and tendencies. You heal as you deny body identification and affirm spirit identification. It is this recognition that creates the power of healing. It is a maximal service you can render to yourself.