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About Us

Welcome to Heart of Blessings

Lifestyle Coaching & Meditation Centre


To take you on a joyful journey and connect you to your heart – the seat of your sacred and immense power. To enable you to manifest the highest and best potential of your self through self-love, self-consciousness, self-empowerment and self-mastery.


To help people of the world arrive at a mind and body coherence with the supervision of this intelligent energy healing. Awakening them to their gifts, spirituality, inner wisdom and unite them to the absolute truth of self.


To create a movement from a mental outward, approach translating into an inward journey intertwining us to our innermost feelings and emotions reinstating the fact that all that you seek lies within.

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Founder Interview

The goal of Heart of Blessings is to help our clients elevate from their specific personal, professional, social, family, health drawbacks towards achieving a deeper understanding of self and connecting to their inner purpose on the road to their growth and expansion.

The modalities involved in achieving this are through Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, Angelic Reiki, Oracle Card Reading, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Combined Relaxation Techniques and more to release stress, ancestral blocks, negative life patterns, heal diseases and free them from self-limiting beliefs that impede their progress. Alongside, we train our clients to instil Natural Health Habits, Meditation Techniques and provide Remedial Modalities to assist them to be familiar with their energy, and aid them towards self-mastery and to develop a higher bond to all that there is.

Heart of Blessings is nothing short of a miracle in my life. I have had the gift of insight into energies since childhood, and I used this ability in my life for the benefit of myself, my family and my loved ones. However, with the changing times, the shift of perception of people, increase in mental health issues venting themselves into physical diseases, I understood that people need to be aware of the root cause of their unique experiences and require guidance to unite them to the absolute truth of self. Our healing modalities reveal the deep-seated cause of their emotional thoughts, core beliefs, inner child issues, physical and mental state of being and the inmost basis of disease-causing elements and support them to release all that does not serve them. In short, rewire the brain by aligning it to the wisdom of the soul away from the illusion of the mind. Thus, each person who awakens to this reality heals self, as well as the generations before and after and plays a crucial role in not only changing their vibration but that of the community and the planet as a whole. It is deeply fulfilling, and the reward is far-reaching.

Each day is a new day, and each healing is a revelation by itself. One cannot even fathom the beliefs and thoughts that command our lives, many of which do not even belong to us, in fact, our generations before yet, it governs and plays a considerable role in our current day existence. When these are divulged, and replaced with truth, our entire life recreates from a new perspective and a knowingness that is truly inspiring. The ability to instantly remove the impact of the bottom beliefs causing disease and discomfort in our physical form and taking the body and mind back to its natural state of wholeness is heartening. It is a profoundly satisfying work with immediate results.

I quote J.K. Rowling: “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”. In a nutshell, the experience from light to darkness is what awakened me to see my divinity within, dispel the darkness and accept the knowingness of self. A commitment I made to myself to dive deep within and let out the old feelings locked in the shadows of the soul and bring it to the surface and reform myself physically, emotionally, mentally and thus ascend towards my spirituality. With my gifts unfolding, I was motivated within to mentor others to build their courage, faith and trust. To inspire them to apprehend the metaphysical aspect of themselves with a growing responsibility towards accepting that we are energy beings and not a chemical machine only, with a focus on how to protect and safeguard our energy field and be accountable to self.

We are now entering a new transition of the chrysalis. Undoubtedly there has been a growth in stress, anxiety, insomnia, anger, fears, phobias, all that makes our brain frequencies go up causing endless health problems, aches, pains, depression and diseases. Our body cannot heal in these circumstances and needs external guidance and control to do so. In the past, our genetics, energetic influences, collective consciousness issues kept us from developing to our full potential. However, we are at a powerful time-space sequence where we can move beyond the limitations that we have set for ourselves and be conscious that every day and every minute of our life we have got the liberty to choose our own choices. My sole intent is to make people knowledgeable of the universal life force that runs through every cell of each one of us creating a vortex of energy, that can revitalize itself and lead a purposeful life taking charge of our ascension. Wellness is not just the absence of stress, alternately the presence of happiness and love, as only a healed mind and body can restore balance and flow of energy and experience pure joy.

I, Me, Myself. Empowering self and others is my single most motivating goal. I am inspired by a discernment that my only spiritual function is to stay happy, and the basis of happiness is love. To grow through my life lessons and bring changes in the lives of others by guiding and enabling them to manifest the highest and best potential of their self through self-love, self-consciousness and self-empowerment. At the same time, my D3 formula is determination, discipline and desire, which I believe is a powerful combination of will, respect of self and others and a clarity of focus to manifest my success.

Though the world seemed to have come to a halt, communication at all levels only accentuated, surpassing limitations, providing us added opportunities, distant healings, work from home, homeschooling all brought a shift of consciousness on the planet. Spare time has allowed us to appreciate the beauty of life, by breathing deeply, meditating every day and relating to the pulse and heartbeat of Mother Earth, renewing the process of healing our planet and hence ourselves. 2020 reminded us that we are continuously communicating, cells within our body, our thoughts, our vibrations, all of our being are uniformly in motion. It has allowed us to be genuinely open to observing ourselves, be ready to take onus for the way our life has presented itself and be better than our body, environment and time. Thus, break away from the old self and create new circuits, thoughts and experiences initiating the multitude of possibilities that await us. 2020 has given us the freedom to reinvent ourselves!