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Teenage Workshops

Super Brain teenage workshop is an innovative mindfulness self-healing modality with a unique technique aimed at preparing, moulding, shaping and securing the New Age children. It aids in teaching them self esteem, to honour their sensitivity, intuition, discernment and help them identify their abundant talents, abilities and their brilliance.

What is Super Brain Teenage Workshop?

Teenage years are an excessively hormonal time for children. Due to this shift in the body, one can notice dramatic behavioural changes. At this stage of their brain development, they tend to think they know everything about everything. They are a combination of a young adult and a child, growing and developing. Children at this age are sensitive, prone to experimenting and can be drawn, to addictions. Through the training workshop, we give the children guidelines regarding their bodies, which enables them to create a balance in the hormones and the brain and thus be aligned physically, mentally and spiritually to make wise choices and to stand up for themselves.

How does Super Brain Teenage Workshop work?

In the education of our children, it is time the teaching techniques, attitude and subject matter changes. With an intent of improving the ability to adapt, adjust and protect themselves in life in calm, collected and assured ways. Each child is unique, and their circumstances will be different. Our workshop stimulates the brain by bringing the alpha brain waves into synchronicity. It eliminates stress, encourages mental stability, balances the left and right hemisphere and promotes healthy cognitive function. Stress instantly puts us on a fight or flight mode, placing anything not needed for immediate survival, on the back burner. Our digestion, reproductive process, growth hormone production, tissue repair are all temporarily halted. Thus, it opens our immune system to attack. Thoughts hold the key to our life. Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical world, there are mental laws of thought that govern our lives and, abiding by these laws can help in creating the life that we desire. Our sole aim is to put the young adults in the right ambience as well as habits using discretion in disciplinary tactics, to get encouraging results and see these children use their circumstances for their highest good.


A teenager’s brain is curious, experimenting and trying many different things. The more you keep their minds occupied and active in mindfulness modalities, the better your chances will be to influence them in the right direction. Good coaching reiterated during teenage years can guide them to make their own decisions carefully, keep them on the right track, teach them empathy for others as well as how to deal with their supersensitivity. Furthermore, programming the children to understand their boundaries and to encourage them that it is okay to stick up for themselves and say no is impertinent. Besides, training at a young age to have self-worth will make them capable of making good choices, as well as allow them to move ahead confidently using their abilities in different areas. These kids thus grow up without prejudices, against religion, caste, colour, creed or race and develop to be loving, kind and supportive as their brains stand balanced with both male and female energy. Many New Age children become remarkably intuitive at a very young age. The guidance that being intuitive is vital for their survival and advice on how to use their intuition will leave fewer tendencies to give their power away to others whilst they are so young. So, giving them timely supervision will allow them to be who they are and encourage them to start finding their mission in life as the New Age develops.

Requirements for the Workshop:

The Teenagers are taken through an understanding of the mind, training of how to hold onto desirable thoughts and get rid of undesirable ones. Also, watching the body and the breath through relaxation, intention, contemplation, and observation. Consequently, a process of cleansing followed by safeguarding and protecting the energy bodies, how and who to ask for help, practical exercises of attention on attention and two meditations spread over the day. It is a full-day class equipped with an introductory manual, that lays down the format of the mental laws that govern us and how to acknowledge and adapt to each of them. It is an exciting time for youngsters to be able to tame the mind, through understanding and patience, infusing, the importance of perseverance and regularity.

Who should do it?

It is a must for teenagers. As they grow towards adulthood, children learn things very quickly. It is the time in nature when their primitive instincts in the brain take over because of the chemical changes. Teenagers now begin to act almost on instinct and, this is when you notice the changes in them. They become more centred on themselves, self-absorbed as well as become very interested in the social conduct and energies of people around them. At this point, the body is developing rapidly in so many different ways that it is hard for the child to remain balanced and behave rationally. They assume they are an adult but are yet not ready to see the outcome of their actions as their frontal lobe is still developing. It is an immense change for them to go outside in the world and take care of themselves as it can be a very frightening experience to understand the complexities of the world. If encouraged to be trained when they are young, it will become a habit, and they will continue to gain forever, thus enabling them to become open and receptive to new avenues of thought.