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Angelic Reiki Workshop

Angelic Reiki is the pure joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. This knowledge has been downloaded to Kevin Core from October 2002 to February 2003 by Archangel Metatron.

What is Angel Reiki workshop?

It is through this system which is now known as Angelic Reiki that you train yourself to carry the energy of the supreme mind, thus bringing together human consciousness and divine consciousness in the process which is now called ascension. It is the Angelic kingdom being an extension of the Godhead itself that makes it possible. The attunements in this system come through the divine vibration on the reiki symbols, which once integrated into the light body attune the recipients to their soul energy allowing them to work with the light beings, on the higher dimensions, whose purpose is to anchor Divinity on Earth. This system is, therefore, transformational.

How does the workshop work?

Archangel Metatron commands the giving of attunements during the workshop. The recipient then receives a downpouring of energy, which raises their vibration. The reiki symbols harmonize into their energy form, which opens doorways in consciousness and stretches through time and space, reaching into Earth’s past treating and healing all memories of misery and hardships. Angels use this opportunity to reprogram negative, outdated habits, fears, belief systems that no longer serve your highest good and remove and dislodge any old thought forms, non-harmonious conditions and transmute it to a higher frequency and clear the connections for greater attunement to spirit. The experiences vary depending on each individual’s sensitivity to energy. Most commonly, people recount feeling the warmth of the Angelic proximity, waves of tingling sensations, deep feelings of relaxation, peace, lightness, clarity and a release of burdens. The Angelic system allows you to release the locks placed in the consciousness of humanity, letting you experience your reality from the perspective of oneness.


Negative thinking can adversely affect your life, create trauma, excess of emotions, lack of sleep, eating disorders and unwanted experiences. Angelic Reiki workshop changes your energy instantly and helps you correct your thoughts quickly and brings the body back to unity and balance. As the Light kingdom taps into your energy field during the attunement, it helps backtrack through your past and current life experiences. It starts aligning disruptive energy waves to release energetic imprints of physical, emotional pain, spiritual and mental blocks that are not in sync with the higher vibration to bring calm and peace to your life and an understanding of the lessons. It reconnects you to your joy, the very being of your existence, as in this state all your troubles disappear, and the mental conditioning of suffering and illness fades away. Once the truth reveals itself, a healing pathway is applied to heal the condition whereby the intelligence of your body, life experiences, logic, intuition, higher powers all work in conjunction with the divine pulsation and rhythm benefiting your mind, body, heart, and spirit creating wonder upon the Earth. You feel the thrill of the life force flowing through you, which has the power to change reality as it is the blessed breath of God. The benefits of this workshop are as unending as the universe.

Requirements for the Workshop:

1st and 2nd level is each a full day Angelic Reiki course spread over two days on a Friday and Saturday. The 3rd and 4th Master’s degree is on the following weekend that stretches over three days which covers half a day on Thursday and full days on the corresponding Friday and Saturday. All workshops include clearing the space, cleansing and attunements. Additionally, during the Master’s degree, the students will discuss their significant experiences since having completed Angelic Reiki 1 and 2. Multidimensional healings across all incarnations, dimensions and separate realities will take place with the divine presence, ascended masters as well as galactic beings along with the cosmic ray meditation. Over the entire course, an ongoing practice of healing exchange between the students will transpire to contribute their experiences and interchange their knowledge gained. The final day will also include the certificate ceremony and closing of the workshop space. In the end, there will be group sharing which can be a valuable teaching tool for everyone. Throughout the workshop, the teacher will facilitate the connection with the Angel kingdom. The Angelic presence manifests like a blessing causing changes to take place at the atomic, molecular, cellular level changing the DNA structure of the recipient so as your consciousness raises, you connect into the divine mind and become the bridge and channel of the Spirit and Angels for them to do the healings. This awakening healing art of ancient times which is making a resurgence once again is what you receive in this practice.

Who should do it?

Problems in your daily life may originate from several places past life interference, childhood problems, psychic attacks, that affect your emotional and physical health and create imbalances and blockages which if left untreated can cause illness and disease within the physical body. It also extends to relationships, finances, and mental state of being. Healing through energy has been around for aeons of time. Lately, the vibration of our planet has raised letting the higher realms in which the Angels exist to anchor upon Earth. So open your hearts and let all fear drop down and only let the highest vibration of love anchor within through the Angel Reiki workshops and let this joy you feel guide you into the New Age, which is embracing the Earth now.