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LOVE resides within every cell of every living being. We are here to rekindle and awaken that central attribute and unite you with unconditional love and infinite bliss, to access the inner core of your heart and take back your perfect Heart of Blessings within you.

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Ruhi Sachar

Ruhi Sachar

“Founder Statement”

Fall in love with yourself and thereby, with your divinity within!


What Our Clients Say About Us

Since I live in the US, I’ve been getting distant healing done from Ruhi over the last couple of months. As a healer, she is full of compassion and empathy, and is very gifted in her craft. She is perceptive, and goes the extra mile to explain her findings, and then suggests appropriate remedies accordingly. She has been a wonderful support to me as I’ve been unraveling the mysteries of my life.

Simran Singh

13th August 2020

Ruhi is God sent !!!! As much as I would want to write in lengths about HOB I know I will not be able to do justice . As my experience has been beyond my expectations. Ruhi is deeply connected to angels, she will not ask you your story but find the deep rooted issues at core level. My journey has recently started with her as my guide and I couldn’t have asked God for a better guide. I am on my path to inner awakening and love and I highly recommend all the seeking souls to connect with HOB for higher awareness and healing.

Surbhi Chadha

23rd April 2020

Your femininity embodies the 5 elements of nature.

Gentle compassion vigour of the Wind. String of never ending thoughts, adorned my endless dreams like the Sky. Patient, enduring, non materialistic like the Earth. Deep, mysterious and fluid like the Sea. For all your elegance deep down You are fiery and passionate as a Forest Fire. A drifter by compulsion. If energy can be transformed into care, warmth, grace, compassion and friendship you shall be the channel for it. After almost 5 years I am feeling no pain in my back. Will always be grateful to you for that.

Doctor Zameer Mohammnad Shaikh

12th September 2020

My daughter and I are deeply happy after Ruhi’s healing. I felt that I was lost and this was reflected in my children. I understood that I needed help and without it I would not be able to cope and help myself or my children. I could no longer go on and did not have the right mind to think for myself. I am very grateful to the universe that I met Ruhi. Thanks to which I understand myself and can help myself to love myself and reveal my own true self. And also my daughter who is 8 years old, got healing too from Ruhi and is in a great mood, does not feel fear anymore. Once again, I express my gratitude for the support from Ruhi, for her heart, for the warmth and light energy.

Oksana Nikiloaeva

22nd September 2020

It took just 1 session with Ruhi to forever change my teenage child’s perception about energy work and therapy. Ruhi has a way with children and young adults that works like magic. Her gentle and friendly style puts them at ease and helps them open up about things children that teenagers would normally  find difficult to talk about. I always believe children are far more intuitive than adults and are great judges of people. Was so comforting for me as a mother when my son told me “she’s so kind and easy to talk to…”. Thank you Ruhi. God Bless you!

Alizeh Haider

1st October 2020

Ruhi is an amazing healer. She helped us get through a very conflicting phase of our life. She made it seem very simple and doable. With her healing she showed a side of us which we were not aware of and provided talk and advise on dealing with the same. Her calm demeanor, patience and guidance made us get through one of our toughest phases of life. It helped us understand each other better and got us closer.


21st October 2020
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