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Meditation is simply being in your breath, which means being in Source energy. Just be in the mid of your core centre, and you are in meditation. It is the beingness that transcends all states.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the act of witnessing. It puts us in touch with the witness within us that is awake even during deep sleep. Self-awareness present even in a state of unawareness. The focal point is you, yourself. In the process of locating the I, the mind drops, the self shines and what remains is pure consciousness.

How does Meditation work?

We all experience emotions and feelings that make us magnificent beings. All emotions stimulate cell growth within our immune system. Many emotions reside at the core of our being, of which we are oblivious. When emotions such as anger or sorrow grow unchecked, out of control, they harm our body. Meditation leads us to that space of peace where we can hear the voice of our inner guide or superior being. From that space, when we observe the thoughts, we come to understand that our experience is only the result of our thoughts. Nothing that happens to us is the result of external conditions, rather the beliefs that have been part of our life until today. When you discover that the gateway to the love, joy and peace is within you, your life automatically reflects it, through the expression of health, wealth, loving relationships, abundance, creativity, compassion, ease and simplicity in the outside world.


Meditation can be a deeply, enriching and transformative experience. It leads to a higher sense of fulfilment and belongingness, essentially taking us towards our soul growth and expansion. When you are in a meditative space, your body comes into balance and harmony. It presents the reality of the mind in the simplest way possible. As you deep breathe and meditate your cortisol levels lower, alpha and theta waves start flowing. It is the daydreaming and dreamless stage whereby you enter a deeply relaxed state, your grey matter in your brain increases and your brain restructures itself. You become aware of what thoughts you are seeding in your mind and think about what it is that you want and thus change the outcomes and energy in your life. Meditation takes you to a natural state of happiness, enhanced decision-making, detachment from your thoughts and body, increased sensitivity, better control over your feelings and emotions, a great capacity to work, improved concentration and memory, present mindedness, openness, higher energy level, restoration of physical and mental health, learning to experience the joy of silence and complete rejuvenation.

Requirements of a session:

There are innumerable forms of meditation one can do. Meditations for Full moon, New moon, Mandala, Sound, Self-love, Meditation with Masters and the Angelic Realm, Chakra Crystal meditation, Healing the mind (forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, stress release, grief, fear, anger, addictions, beliefs) and many more. It is beneficial across all ages from children, teenagers, to young adults, parents, grandparents alike. It is an hour-long process. The practitioner will direct the client to comfortably lie down, or sit as is essential and encourage them to close their eyes and bring awareness to their heart. Focus, on the breath, taking in slow and deep inhalations and exhaling anything that does not serve them. As the client sits within the vast space of their heart, they become more aware of their being knowing the universe has a gift for them. The tools enhance the experience, be it with the help of sound, mandalas, crystals or music aligning with the universal divine energy. The practitioner will then initiate a step by step guided talk, creating an intention for the healing. Visualisations are an outcome of the practice. Throughout positive affirmations are directed to enable the client to reach their highest potential in the state of trance and unity with the cosmic consciousness. Each has a single aim to allow you to take time to observe yourself, unwind, calm down, relax your tired muscles and bring out your real authentic self. All you need is to absorb yourself in yourself and remain absorbed until you feel ready to come out. The client and practitioner then exchange views on the feelings experienced, and wisdom acquired.

Who should do Meditation?

Each one of us needs to include it as a tool in our day to day life. It helps you to go inside the mind and question all the obstacles that you have unconsciously put between you and your inner guide. It connects you back to your pure, clear mind that resonates with your soul wisdom and encourages you to take time to listen with all your senses and get in tune with how you breathe. Incorporate guided Meditations as a weekly ritual and enjoy a fulfilling, contented and peaceful experience allowing the light within to shine as that is how your mind undergoes a glow-up. You deserve all your attention!

Meditation types:

Full moon Meditation:
Meditating during the full moon provides an opportunity to connect deeply with our inner wisdom and with nature. It amplifies our thoughts, emotions, feelings and heightens the mind activity and is a great time to release the things that negatively impact our lives. The moon has a strong gravitational pull on our planet and, the strength, energy, frequency and power affect us. It brings tremendous healing, especially during the time of its completion. We all go through phases of growth like the moon and, as each cycle ends, it opens the doorway to a new. It teaches us that there is a beginning in every ending.

New moon Meditation:
The New moon controls our mind and emotions and makes us mimic its behaviour. It has a powerful influence upon us and is a very magnetic time, full of opportunities and new beginnings. A great time to manifest for the rest of the month by setting your intention, your focus, your efforts to smile for nature’s camera! However, be aware instinct takes centre stage during the new moon as well. So, it is your opportunity to responsibly set your emotional tone as, where attention goes energy flows. It teaches us to be as mindful as possible, stay positive and guard against all varieties of negativity with our mighty, will. Whatever energy you feed during this phase will be stored in your vault and be amplified later in the month. New moon meditation truly helps you charge those batteries positively.

Mandala Meditation:
The Mandalas are a template of highly evolved universal energy with sacred geometry, ancient codes and elemental keys. Each Mandala is programmed to offer you healing in conjunction with your highest self. The core of our infinite selves holds the Flower of Life. We have the three-fold flame within our heart. These sacred inner flames dance to the vibration of love, power and wisdom and are a gift from the point of creation. It can guide all in the journey to self-mastery and self-love. Each Mandala is associated with one or more colour rays. We choose the colours we wear based on the colours of our soul, our mind, our emotions, or what our physical body needs at that time, whether consciously or unconsciously. Mandala meditation is powerful as it acts as a portal to divine guidance, so you can wholeheartedly embrace the gifts it offers.

Crystal Meditation:
Crystals help us on our path of healing and peace. As you feel stressed, you block your channels of energy and close doors for emotional support, mental well being and physical health. When you unite to the energy-boosting power of crystals, you unlock the pathway to release the energetic toxins and consciously choose to move towards a healthful shift. Crystals are magnetic in supporting detoxification. Combined with higher vibrational intentions, it takes you to a sense of deep purification. Meditate with crystals and access your innate knowledge and surrender to the intelligence of Earth. It allows you to cultivate awareness, clarity and gratitude as nature is marvellous and full of joys when you open your heart to it.

Sound Meditation:
Sound is a reliable source of transformational experience allowing a fuller and richer understanding of our emotions as it teaches us to inhabit in the present moment more meaningfully. The power of sound opens a wave of possibilities creating powerful and positive shifts in our mental state as all of life is vibration. It not only helps us to relax but it allows our heart to open to inspirations that surround us, which at times might go unnoticed with our fast pace of life. Integrating the use of singing bowls can be dynamic and helps boost our overall well being. As frequency and rhythm seep into each cell and essence of an individual, it penetrates deep within and releases all sounds of discord, imbalance and uncertainty. It allows you to do what makes your heart sing, smile, dance and celebrate bringing profound harmony and healing.

Aligning the Chakra meditation:
Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or a spiritual energy point which has physical and non-physical connections. Seven main chakras run in a rainbow spectrum from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakras have excessive energy or lack it completely. You can regulate them when you realign all chakras and then bridge it to the eighth chakra located six inches above the crown. It brings about an immense shift and a body, mind, spirit connection making an everlasting alliance with divine guidance. The universal energy then can easily lead you in the direction you need to move and what you need to say to anchor your spiritual power to work efficiently. Thus, enabling you to identify your priorities on your pathway, being assertive yet compassionate and loving towards all.

Heal the mind Meditation:
Before anything creates in the physical plane, it first creates in the mental plane. Emotions are an essential part of our life that impel us to develop and activate our dreams. However, if we do not know how to manage them, we can live in a state of fear and suffering. The mind naturally responds to positive thoughts, so give it the right fuel to perform at its optimum. Meditation helps you release pent up emotions, forgive, and let things pass, mending you at many energetic levels. It teaches you that love is the most healing and awakening energy to flow through your body. To love yourself for all your strengths and flaws and live in love is your paramount responsibility. It supports you to get rid of the negative beliefs that you picked up on your journey of life, allowing you instead to sow the seeds of positivity and hope. Finally, it shows you that there is no mightier force than your thoughts, and it helps you understand your sacred power within.

Online Meditation:
Online one to one meditation session gives you the individual experience you deserve. It is received across time and space and has the same healing effect on the recipient when one is physically present. The practitioner with the life force can instantly access information about the client and transmit healing energy. Meditation helps you to connect with your fears and anxieties and teaches you the techniques to release and respond to it by breaking the negative cycle and coping with it more positively. Meditation is impertinent for your spiritual growth as it takes you to a deep state of rest. Your brainwaves are slowed down, to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second. It is a state of absolute calmness and the key to inner peace.

Teenage Meditation:
The external world is nothing but a mirror that reflects your inner world (your mind). When you focus your attention inward to the wisdom of your soul, you become attuned with the source of creation, love, joy and peace within. Experiencing the bliss of pure consciousness naturally leads you towards your ideal life. Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical world, there are mental laws that govern our lives. Abiding by the laws of thought can help in creating the life that we desire. This practice can help young adults experience pure awareness and aid in aligning their thoughts, feelings, words and actions towards attaining their highest potential much faster.