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Psychotherapy ACIM

Psychotherapy is a resource of the Miracle Course whose purpose is to eliminate obstacles to the truth. The goal of this process is to help the client drop their rigid delusional thought system and begin to reconsider their mind’s false cause and effect relationship. Along with being willing to invert their way of thinking and to understand that what they thought was projecting the effects on them was in reality, causing the projections on the world. The dynamic in this session is to find the cause of the conflict in the sleeping mind. Thus, forgive and surrender to the atonement for the restoration of the vision. The participant does not need to believe in the divine character of truth to make progress in salvation. Instead, one must begin to separate reality from illusion, observing that they are not the same. Be willing to contemplate what they have believed in and the thoughts in which they have invested as something false that separates them from peace. In the end, psychotherapy has the function, to help the client deal with their wrong thinking, believing that anger can provide them with something they want and that by justifying their attack, they are protecting themselves. So, if you are experiencing situations in your life that keep you away from peace, then you are in the right place to help yourself in your healing process. This practice changes the impression that one has of oneself and therefore of the world and all existence. Taking you lovingly on a path to reality or real perception, achieving the highest and ultimate success that one can achieve -The knowledge of yourself and your being.