Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as tapping is an energy psychology healing modality also called meridian tapping. Angelic EFT is a ground breaking and unique technique as it takes traditional EFT tapping and gives it a spiritual supercharge with a boost from the Angelic realm.

What is Angelic EFT Tapping?

With Angelic EFT, we work beyond the boundaries of the physical body and we ask the angels to partner with us in our energy work, of releasing the blocks in our etheric bodies. When you tap in partnership with your friends and helpers in Spirit, your Angels it is called Angelic EFT Tapping.

How does Angelic EFT Tapping Work?

To do EFT we tap with our fingertips on the end points of the primary meridians, or energy channels. When we tap on our bodies our Angels tap on our corresponding points on our aura as they perceive our whole form as an energy system and not just our physical body. The Angels tap in the energy fields as this is where the issue really begins, from there if unresolved it moves into the physical body and presents itself as a physical issue. With Angelic tapping we use meridian points not covered in conventional EFT tapping, as well as incorporate meditation and visualization and call upon specific Angels for help.


Blocks in our body and auric field can be caused from anything from trauma, abuse, limiting beliefs, negative experiences, ancestral inheritance and more. These thoughts and emotions become stuck or block nervous energy in one or more of our nerve channels or meridians. Studies show that tapping significantly reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol and is a powerful tool for weight loss because the excess fat that we hold on our bodies is largely a result of the stress hormones keeping our body into fat storage mode. The tapping in the endpoints of the Primary energy meridians sends a calming signal to the Amygdala, the brain’s alarm bell and trigger for a Fight and Flight response. This makes the more creative and lateral thinking parts of the brain to shut down making a person behave less intelligently as one is unable to think of solutions beyond Run for your Life. While in traditional EFT tapping we think of our energy meridians being clogged up with negativity, in Angelic EFT we take it a step further by acknowledging that our energy meridians do not stop at the boundaries of the physical body but they extend into the aura and with the Angels tapping alongside the effect is amplified, blocks shift quicker and work is deeper.

Requirements for the Workshop:

It is a full day workshop whereby an introductory Workshop manual will be handed over. The client will be taken through a brief history of human and Angel Communication, Angel Invocation, Energy attunement to access and receive the Angelic help, How and Who to ask for help, a process of cleansing followed by safeguarding and protecting the energy field, the history of EFT and the structure of Angelic EFT tapping, practical Sequence and 3 meditations spread over the day.

Who should do it?

It is a must for everyone to experience this abundance of cosmic energy stores that is accessible to us. Each one of us have our share of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues we are dealing with. These energy disruptions in our body and energy fields can have a much damaging effect on our overall well being. Tapping with the Angels is a daily practice you can imbibe in your life that is going to give assured success. Tapping stimulates the energy pathways thereby balancing the resulting energy disruptions.