Oracle cards are an ancient and time honored way to connect with Heaven and your Angels. Many people wonder why are we skipping past the holiest of support of the Creator but we are not. Angels are the facets of God’s love as we speak directly to the heart and mind of the Creator. All Angel Oracle cards are meant to be inclusive of all belief systems, with reference of receiving messages always from the same aspect of pure love and light.

What is Angel Reading?

They are based upon Pythagorean numerology which teaches that numbers and images vibrate in a very precise, mathematical manner. It is impossible to make a mistake when using Oracle cards because they operate within the infallible Law of Attraction. This means that a client’s inquiry will always attract the perfect card as an answer. Each card pulled will exactly match the vibration of the question.

How does Angelic Reading Work?

So the client can ask a question either in thought form or voice it. Although one necessarily need not say it out loud and verbalize it if uncomfortable, as your thoughts are heard.

Some examples of Questions can be :

What do the Angels want me to know or do in order to create healing in my life?
What do I need to know so as to have a more balanced romantic relationship?
What insight may I draw to grow in my career?
What can I work on internally to create more financial abundance?
A timing card question – By when will this happen?
A Straightforward Yes or No answer – Should I do this?

A short Half an Hour Reading will include :

3 cards reading: Past, Present, Future

The first card will relay your immediate past or an event that triggered the situation you are inquiring about.
The second card reveals the present and your question’s current status and what aspect you need to know or work on at that moment and how it is aligned to your soul.
The third card refers to your immediate future if you continue on your present path and follow the guidance of the second card. You can always improve or change your future path by holding a positive outlook and listening to your inner wisdom.


3 cards reading: Strength, Heart, Challenge

1st card states your strengths achieved, lessons learnt in life and shows you what’s in your favor.
2nd card relates to the blessings you carry in your heart and the aspect of self that you need to focus on towards your well being and growth as it is within your reach.
3rd card highlights the challenges and that part of your life or guidance you must pay attention to. Something you need to heal and work on in order for it to be resolved to achieve your goal or the peace you’re seeking.

A One hour Reading session will include:

The 9 card reading that is an insight into 9 key aspects of your life:
1 Past – What do your angels and guides want you to know you have conquered?
2 Present – What’s happening right now?
3 Future – Something that supports your happiness.
4 Strengths – Gifts you have.
5 Blessings you carry in your heart – What your heart wants you to know?
6 Challenges – An obstacle to overcome.
7 Home and family
8 Relationships and romance
9 Career and purpose

This can really be an enlightening reading as it spells out your entire life history.


The 9 cards represent particular energies manifesting through you at this time.

1 Spirit – You and your energy.
2 Earth – What is grounding you and providing you with focus at this time?
3 Air – Your current thoughts and perceptions.
4 Fire – Your rising desires and primary needs.
5 Water – How you really feel emotionally?
6 What needs attention and action?
7 Where to direct your energy and intentions?
8 What do you need to let go and let flow?
9 The outcome of your current vibration?

This reading with the help of the wisdom keepers gives you deep guidance about your energy at this time and represents aspects of your gifts and talents.


The 7 card reading spread represents Past life lessons

1 Identity – What energy did you have in a Past Life?
2 Traits – What gifts did you have then that you have now?
3 Challenge – What was your greatest challenge then (and maybe now)?
4 Revelation – What Karma needs undoing?
5 Help – What energy will support you?
6 Rise – How will it help you grow?
7 Transition – What energy are you stepping into as a result of these lessons?

This reading helps you connect with the gifts that have been moving with your soul through lifetimes and it helps you heal the root cause of your problems and learn the lessons you are moving through in this life.


At times it is difficult to hear our Angels clearly as our stress and emotions block us. Oracle reading acts as a physical bridge that Angels can use to share their intelligence and harmonious light with us. It is a positive, safe and loving guidance system where you can get powerful and profound insight to help you uncover the spiritual support structure that surrounds you. It yields straightforward answers so you clearly receive your Guardian Angels direct messages as the divine Law of Attraction ensures that you will always choose the cards meant for you. The magic is not coming from the cards, it simply forms the pathway to access and reflect the incredible wisdom around and within you.

Requirements for the Angel Readings:

Congregating within the hidden spiritual realms there is unlimited energy, support and unconditional love ready to share its luminosity to heal us. However, the Angelic realm works under the divine law of free will. This means we can receive its help successfully only if we welcome it as we are given the choice to take help or not.

The readings are done on a one to one basis whereby the client and the Oracle Reader sit facing each other. The client has options of taking a short half an hour reading or a long One hour reading as elaborated above.

Like attracts Like, due to this spiritual law, the client pulls out only those cards that best reflect their situation, strengths, gifts and whatever else is going on in their life. In this way, their own thoughts, feelings and actions that are creating their experiences are brought forward. Once the chosen spread is laid out, they are given an in-depth analysis by the Oracle reader who with their intuitive thoughts, feelings, signs, words and visions will provide a thorough review of the situation and the impressions they receive. Undoubtedly it will always be loving and accurate matching the vibration of the clients thought pattern. All you need is a forthcoming attitude to acknowledge, experience and honor this intelligence.

Who should do it?

It is a spiritual birthright to have a Guardian Angel. The day that you were born a beautiful being of light an extension of the universal life energy joined you on your journey. This divine being has been with you all through your life including the challenging situations of the past and will help you release all that you no longer need so you can find the peace and harmony you deserve.

Most of us try to fight things out on our own but the Angels want to help us as our happiness is not trivial. When we open our arms to Angelic assistance and request for help with every area of our life, we allow them to take our burdens and lovingly direct us to a place where we feel safe.

Everything becomes happier, healthier and easier. Instead of struggling to get your needs met you experience magical synchronicities, healings and inner peace. Making your Angels your partner’s and friends can help alter your future for the better as once you welcome your spiritual squad into your life you can improve the outcome of any situation.